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  • Panasqueira Minerals

    The world famous Panasqueira mines are an extensive and very interesting complex of orebodies and mines, where superb specimens of green and purple Fluorapatite, Cassiterite, Ferberite and many other minerals have been extracted for several decades.The mines have supplied fine specimens both to Museums and to private collections for many years. We present in this section a selection of nice mineral specimens from this locality. If you are looking for any special Panasqueira specimen, don´t hesitate and contact us.

  • Alpine Minerals
    We include in this gallery a selection of Alpine Minerals, some of the most sought-after mineral specimens by the collectors such as pink Fluorites, Gwindel Quartzs, Epidotes, etc.
    The Alpine Minerals are widely distributed throughout the French and the Swiss Alps as well as the Italian and Austrian Alps. Typically the season of mineral collecting is reduced to 2 or 3 months annually, and many years there is not mineral collecting at all due to the bad weather conditions, also during the summer months. The collectors who extract these minerals, known by "Cristalliers", are very experienced mountanieers. They take high risks by climbing the vertical rocky walls to access to the places where the minerals are hosted, and digging and removing the Alpine clefts.
  • Fluorites from Spain

    The Spanish Fluorites are well known by the mineral collectors. The best samples come from Asturias, a territory located at the north of Spain.
    Berbes, La Viesca, Jaimina are some of the names of the mines where the finest Fluorites are extracted. The Fluorite deposits in Asturias are two main types. The first ones are veins within the fault base of the Carboniferous rocks, sub-vertical, narrow and with high-grade ores. This first type of deposits has been mined using vertical shafts, inclined planes with adits and other methods properly for narrow veins. The second type is of strata, which are above the first type and wich are more disperse and of lower grade. These ones have been worked mainly in open adits but sometimes by underground mining by chambers and pillars.

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